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Foodie Factory - The Workshop of Indulgence in Merano and Environs

Foodie Factory, the Workshop of Indulgence in Merano and Environs – this is the name of the new project by Marketinggesellschaft Meran (MGM). Behind this evocative name is a culinary approach dedicated to experimental cooking. At the forefront is the workshop-style format, which is already mentioned in the name.

The Foodie Factory sees itself as an intersection between Mediterranean and Alpine cuisine, between chefs and their guests, between typical ingredients from both cultural spheres, between tradition and the modern world. The Foodie Factory sees itself as a workshop, which experiments with fresh, regional and seasonal products, in which innovative, creative and healthy meals are created from these experiments, in which old recipes are reinterpreted and spiced up.

The focus is on the joy of experimenting, hand-on participation, being part of it – an exchange should take place between the Mediterranean and Alpine regions. From a culinary point of view, but also interpersonally, linguistically and culturally.

Throughout the year, interactive workshop-style events will take place at various venues in Merano and Environs – in the restaurant of a “Chef’s Hat” award-winning chef, at a farm, on the Alp, in the cablecar of a funicular railway ...

Anywhere where high-quality Alpine and Mediterranean food come together, something good will be conjured up from natural ingredients, something surprising, sophisticated will be created from simplicity – and all in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, just like a workshop.

Interested parties can register for Hands-On Workshops and experience the workshop-style events up close and personal. If you prefer to indulge in a cosy atmosphere, then visit one of the Tasting Workshop and enjoy the culinary creations that are created during our Workshops of Indulgence. Use the opportunity on holiday to create one of the Foodie Factory recipes or simply taste them. In our Toolbox, you will find information about the producers and products we use together with all the recipes.

You must fulfil the following criteria if you want to participate in the Foodie Factory as a restaurant, a chef or a guest:

  • The focus point of the Foodie Factory is culinary art. The heart of the workshop is food and the meals produced from it.
  • Interactivity is everything – The point is that two or more chefs or one chef and his guests create a new dish together.
  • Alpine and Mediterranean elements are combined: The elements of “alpine” and “Mediterranean” can be reflected in the food, as well as the origins of the chef, in the ambiance or in other areas.
  • The food we use is seasonal and high-quality, with at least 50% originating from South Tyrol – the Workshop of Indulgence attaches great importance to this and refers to this during the events.
  • A recipe is created from every event or initiative of the Foodie Factory, which is published on the home page in the Recipes section.

We want everyone who takes part in the events put on by the Foodie Factory, the Workshop of Indulgence in Merano and Environs, to have fun and be successful while they experiment, create, vary, interpret, flambé, sauté, breadcrumb, blanche ...


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